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Now I can enjoy the mighty work EB team did without going through There are still a few, but not more than it happened with the vanilla one. As said before, there's some issues with sounds specially in battle, they're sometimes cut , music some of them are never played right and videos oddly, the Epeirote one does work. Well, as far as I can tell, none of the flaws above hurt my pleasure in playing EB. Thank to Jobbysucks too. I've found that if i want to play EB i have to restart my mac.

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It then starts up fine. Could this speak to an alternative fix besides rebooting every 5 minutes? Can't say anything about Mac-specific crashes, but the engine related CTD's can be solved in most times. If the crash is not Mac-specific it should be solvable!

I noticed someone else asked the same question, but I did not see a solution. All is fine until I run the script to enable mods. Here is the error message I get: RomemodSetup. I have more than 20gb of space on hard drive. Must the version of TW be rome only? No barbarian and alexander expansions? Any suggestions? If someone could point me to a post on how to install EB for mac manually? If that is the case, how do I activate the mod once the manual install is complete.

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I'm sorry, there is nobody on the team who uses his mac for playing EB, so you won't receive support in this are from us. Hey just a quick question, so if i download the Mod setup package, it tells me how to install the game? I have never modded before but i really want to play this game. Hi all. I had the problem with the 'please select an item from the list' message. I did as jobbysucks suggested, and I can now get to the faction selection screen. However, when I choose my faction and click on the arrow to proceed, I get returned to the 'New Game' screen rather than into the campaign.

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Any suggestions at all? I was among many people with the "please select an item from the list" error when trying to start EB, however, I found a way around this with some other people. Not sure if this was mentioned in this thread but here are the directions anyway. Make sure you follow them precisely. For EB to work, install it onto the RomeData. Some say you can play with bi, but seeing that on twc EB people mention bi being incompatible I just play with regular rome total war through the feral launcher.

By the way, I am not sure if I am the only one who gets this minor glitch in vanilla or eb campaign, but my characters do not make any sounds as opposed to the PC version. If anyone knows a way to get around this issue please let me know how. I as well get the "please make sure Rome is in the application folder" even though it is. I found a way around this. First make a folder called Rome Total War in your application folder.

Move Rome Total War. I would also put the mod installer in that same folder and run it. When it says would you like to enable mod support press NO. Then press "yes" when it asks if you want to rebuild your data. It will go through and will actually make the. It's very strange because when you press "yes I would like to enable mods", that doesn't work, but when you press NO, it does. After the "mod installer" converts your.

Then proceed with the very first directions in my post to get into the campaign. Hope this helps. Could you be missing certain rights to write new data? Other than that, I'd start by searching the web for the particular error message, doubt that it is a RTW-specific thing. Hey this is for Edwin, Im a pretty big fan of the mod and personally insanely happen with your Mac friendly version.

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Except for a few bugs. Not only the movie files but the sound files as well. The music for the game is kind of glitctch and "lags" or just stops for a second then starts again every couple seconds. Also Im playing as the Romani and I've been looking forward to the latin commands There aren't any. There are completely silent on the field except for death cries and that kind of stuff. Theres also some English on the campaign map I know this is kind of alot and Im wonderin if theres somethin im doing wrong? Message me back if other people have this problem or not Thanks :D. I have the same issue at this, among other in this forum: I noticed someone else asked the same question, but I did not see a solution.

The exact same thing is happening to me! I'm beginning to worry if I'll be able to play Evropa Barbarorvm on my Mac again Problem is, it won't let me save!

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Any idea what could be up? Any solution would be great. Anyone know what's going on here? I'm suffering from terrible EB withdrawal. Got those ants under the skin This worked for me. Thanks for posting. I had the "please select" error, campaign not working on Intel iMac Seriously, tried all kinds of fixes on the Mac but this was the only one i could get to work. I'm running RTW 1. Nice one! I don't use my Mac as gaming platform, so no help from the team here : Try to ask Feral about your error. Im missing the Latin voicemod All the commanders and campaign map pieces still speak English.

On the battle map, I don't hear commands in general other than battlecries, charges, some groans, what not. Either some of you find the "Please select an item from the list" message, or get redirected to the main screen when you are able to choose a faction. I managed to get it to run using "Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion" option from the menu, making the adjustments that Oleo and other people mentioned before.

When you open the RomeData. DMG directly from the main folder, you will open it and you will spot the EB folder you copied and modified, and the readwrite. So what I did to get it running is open RomeData. I ejected the RomeData.

DMG disk image open. Could enter Imperial Campaign, select a faction and get into the map. But, bleh, wanted to share it with all you enthusiasts. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the install. I downloaded the EB file and the script to do the installing but both times after it ends it doesn't work. I type in the advanced options and when I open Rome it is the same thing. The only difference is I can't play a campaign.

On the single player the only option I can pick is "Provincial Campaign" but once I click on it it is the same old vanilla factions.

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Any ideas of what I can do? I have the same problem. It has something to do with folder permissions, however they are unchangeable. I will post an answer if i can figure it out. Bah, disregard my post. I had the problem of double RomeData. I am very much indebted to him. Hi, I did the same thing as Garouzza except I didn't delete map.

Any idea why and any idea on how to fix this? I tried to use the ModInstaller but it plain didn't work. I got stuck with a process completed message a few seconds after launching the script. I see from this topic that I'm not the only one who has this problem saving when I'm in the game but didn't see a solution? Does any of you have one? Thank you very much :.