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A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance writer on music technology and Apple topics for well over a decade, along the way publishing several books on audio software. He has been lead writer at a number of prominent music and technology publications.

As well as consultancy, full-time journalism, video production and professional photography, he occasionally plays Hammond, Rhodes and other keys for people who ask nicely. Hollin is Contributing Editor at Ask.

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Soundmit LeafAudio Microphonic Soundbox. Dream It. If you have one Apple TV on the same network, Beamer will automatically connect to it without any interaction. Find a video file you'd like to play and simply drag it on to the window. Playback will begin as soon as it's ready.

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The Apple TV only supports a small number of video files and codecs, mainly Apple's preferred choice of H. Beamer works by transcoding any incompatible video file to one that the Apple TV supports. If Beamer does need to transcode a video, this requires a huge amount of processor power since your Mac is basically converting a video from one format to another and streaming it all at the same time.

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If you're on a portable Mac, make sure it's plugged in to the mains as it will drain your battery pretty quickly. So far, we've been able to stream pretty much any video format that we might have stored on our Mac to our Apple TV. One feature that iOS devices have is being able to play any compatible video file from sites such as Vimeo and YouTube directly via AirPlay.

Although the Apple TV has built-in apps that can do this, it relies upon searching and I find that the search functionality has a lot to be desired. Additionally, we tend to find the clips we want to watch using our Mac, anyway. The app is also able to stream any QuickTime-compatible files that are stored on your Mac but may not be in iTunes. The YouTube clip will start playing within the app after a few moments. Once it has started playing, right-click and select the option to stream it to your Apple TV.

You can even close the video window and it will resume playing on your Apple TV until you quit the app.

Once installed, you can press the toolbar button that appears whenever you're on a YouTube clip and it will automatically open in HUDTube for you to then stream to your Apple TV. There isn't any single solution to AirPlay on the Mac as it really depends on what you're wanting to watch on your television.

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For most users, I would recommend keeping all your video content within iTunes as it provides the simplest solution to AirPlaying video content, though you will need to make sure that you convert any incompatible video formats first. For anyone not wanting to use iTunes for video playback or has the majority of videos in alternative formats, then Beamer would be your best choice.

If you're interested in using iCloud Tabs, check out our tutorial on how to use them. Overall, AirParrot provides the most versatility but it may not be for everyone.

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I encourage anyone wanting to explore each of these apps further to use their free trials and see which provides the best option, as everyone will have slightly different usage requirements. Whatever your requirements are, you'll likely find one of these apps will certainly fit the bill and provide you with a great AirPlay experience from your Mac. Save Now. Subscribe Sign In. Web Design.

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Game Development. Computer Skills. Learning Guides. Computer Skills Media. The AirPlay menu displays any AirPlay-enabled devices you will have on your network. You can toggle AirPlay from the playback toolbar. AirPlay Mirroring can be activated via the menu bar. AirPlay Mirroring can also be managed via System Preferences. AirParrot can not only mirror your Mac's display, but can extend it and even mirror individual apps. Please describe the issue as detailed as possible and, if applicable, name the activation code you've tried to use.


MySteinberg MySteinberg is the name of the customer section on our website. Here you can create your own account and manage your Steinberg hardware and software registrations. If needed, you can also request new activation codes via the 'Reactivation' process in MySteinberg. Soft-eLicenser A Soft-eLicenser is a virtual license container on hard disk. In other words, it is a locally stored file that holds license information.

Licenses stored in a Soft-eLicenser are bound to a specific computer.