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According to Go64 and other bit detection software I've run, all Epson software is bit and thus won't run in Catalina. VueScan is an excellent alternative to Epson Scan. The component that concerns me the most is Epson Printer Utility, as I haven't found a printer monitoring replacement yet.

However, Catalina hasn't shipped yet and Epson isn't the only vendor who hasn't yet released Catalina compatible versions. This doesn't bother me yet, as Catalina betas are still evolving and vendors may want to wait until the final release to start final testing of any versions supporting Catalina that they plan to release.


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It can be very hard I know, but this is a good time to be patient. And given the major changes Catalina's unleashing on us, it might be a good idea to wait a while before updating to Catalina. From my perspective, unless you really need something in Catalina that's "need", not "want" or "looks interesting" , waiting could save a lot of hassle. Apple has to sign off on the program in order for it to work in Catalina even if it is fully 64 bit. That lack of Apple's seal of approval is why OEM software, scanner software being one awful example, often does not work in new versions of OSX.

It isn't worth the time and effort of the OEM to do that. You might enquire if Epson has any plans in that regard, they might even reply.

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Fortunately the scanner software built into OSX, including so far my experience with Catalina, supports most scanners in its own limited way, including transparency scanner function. Vuescan taps into the same resources and may or may not be a better alternative than what Apple gives you, sticking to Mojave may just be the best alternative if the OEM software is vital to you.

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Indeed, although can't speak for the author of that post. I regularly use and install unsigned software that is in no way approved by Apple. You have to allow that via Sys Prefs. But maybe the reference is to notarized software, which is a process sort of more stringent than signing. I've still got a couple examples of software that might be borked by this. But not many. I've never run across issues with scanning software. VueScan if needed. Thanks for reminding me. But I've got enough software and would prefer to have Epson do it.

Sound advice. Would be surprising if Epson abandons all the scanners that use their bit software. I'll wait for For the last several years there hasn't been features that are that important. Although the releases have been fairly problem free. I use several open source programs and if notarization requires a developers license, that seems like a problem. Why do you feel the need to move to Catalina, particularly if you're currently using software that won't RUN under Catalina?

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I doubt I'd be happy with El Cap. But that said they're aren't many features that are must have.

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One that is fairly new is AirDrop and older software or computers don't have that. Overall, just remember that when you're speaking about hardware such as scanners there are potentially two "layers" of concern. First, you have the application that you, the human user, interacts with. Second, you have the device driver that the OS interacts with. It's my understanding that device drivers have some requirements which are similar or identical to apps and some that are specific to just drivers. For example, while you can manually bypass OS warnings to launch unsigned apps, I'm not sure if the same is true for loading of device drivers.

I think those may have a mandatory requirement of being code signed. Additionally, with Catalina I believe Apple is pushing driver developers to move from using kernel extensions KEXTs to writing their drivers with DriverKit to run in user space. The last gossip I saw was that this wasn't going to be mandatory with Catalina. That said, combining this "push" with the mandatory bit requirement may be enough for hardware companies to just write new everything for Catalina user app and device driver. Assuming they have the resources to do so, of course.

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Epson has the resources but this is an area that seems to lack support. Just getting by seems to be the attitude; maybe because hardware is their main product. Whatever, we'll wait and see—but not upgrade quickly. Epson has pages for Mojave but nothing turned up for Catalina which has or will have more stringent requirements. Epson Scan is not available for my product. How do I scan?

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  • Answer is to use Image Capture which isn't as capable as Epson Scan which separates slides well. They seem to have released drivers for Catalina for many printers and updated Epson Scan to version 2 already. Haven't updated to Catalina yet but I am already checking what I can manage to upgrade to bit and what I will lose if I upgrade. Five different download options. What are they are for? Epson does a poor job of presenting this info. Three appear to be for different scanner drivers and utilities. A lot of hoops to jump through to figure it out.

    Epson could provide a summary of what does what and why. Or offer options in an all in one installer. I ended up with four Applications. The Epson V is a reasonably priced scanner aimed at analog film shooters.