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I wonder what happens if I remove the fan from my White MacBook? Actually, I won't work, I suspect, because there's no way of increasing the airflow by removing bits of casing Are the Macs really that noisy? I can only hear the fan in any of my Macs when sat right next to them in an otherwise silent room. In terms of adding SSD, is there really sonic improvements to be had?

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All music files are on a NAS. I do see a benefit of adding more RAM when using memory play but I can't get my head around the need for SSD if the files are store off-board. My old White MacBook is. My later Macs are quiet. I suspect it's an issue that Apple have sorted out over time. To my ears, the SSD is well worth it.

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It only needs to be a small disk if you're storing music elsewhere - mine's on a NAS, connected by Gigabit Ethernet - as it only has the OS and a few apps. My "standard" Mini is not noisy by any means, but I sit just beside it, as I listen with headphones. Stax are very open, so every noise in the background really bothers me.

The noise frequency particularly annoys me, because it triggers my tinnitus. As for the MacBook, I don't think you can't do much. It really needs the fan, and as you said you can't remove any piece of the enclosure. No real sonic benefit using the SSD, other than, again, silence.

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Pure Music, Audirvana, Amarra they all have in-memory play. But I think I've noticed an improvement upgrading to 8gb of RAM and disabling the virtual memory, but really any blind test is impossible! Thanks for the update, realmassy. As Dave said, really interesting findings. My mini is quiet, but the fan is sometimes on for no apparent reason most of the time it is off. I would be interested in using an SSD so there are no moving parts left on board - for mechanical reasons as well as power supply. As to whether there would be an audible benefit, there is another matter I must look into the passive cooling that is now being more widely used.

There must be some DIY guides on t'interweb by now. On a slightly related note, I have my now spare King-Rex power supply here. That is interesting to me May edited May I can't honestly hear anything when I'm about 3 meters from it. But I think I've noticed an improvement upgrading to 8gb of RAM and disabling the virtual memory , but really any blind test is impossible! Pardon me, but what is meant by this part please?

Using the drive as Virtual Memory makes the system slower, a bit unresponsive, and it produces a lot of IO access, reading and writing.

Please tell me though, where did you come across the command line syntax for this app? Sometimes once people have installed new memory, they forget to plug the fan back onto the motherboard. The result is that the fan runs at full speed unless a 3rd party software as you mention here is used to slow it down. Always worth double-checking the two black wires are plugged into the motherboard. I have a 2. It does cut off occasionally.

Are you able to tell me what I might be doing wrong or does the new operating system require a different wording for the modification via the terminal? Did you get any errors when you ran that command? Also, have you tried typing sudo -s and entering your password before running the command? It can take a few minutes for the setting to take effect. I have to enter it every time the puter wakes up or I reboot.

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Only a couple of weeks after I got the Mini-Mac the hard drive bit the dust and had to be replaced. They may not have plugged everything in properly. Probably because I never heard of it. Thanks a lot. You make me happy. Just for curisity: To come back to original setting of the fan? Much better.

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Thanks PS. This problem occurs without load, cpu temp sensor or something must no longer be working. Thank you so much nanchatte!

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